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Rock Art Research Association of China

Founded in 1992, by Prof. Chen Zhaofu who is a distinguished rock art specialist in China, professor in the School of Ethnology and Sociology in Beijing-based Minzu University of China and the first director of RARAC, affiliated to Minzu University of China, the Rock Art Research Association of China (RARAC) is dedicated to the documentation and the academic research of rock art, with close attention paid to the advancement of the world scientific research of rock art as well.

In 1997, Prof. Chen Zhaofu was retired, still serving as honorary director of RARAC, and succeeded by Prof. Gong Tianfu.

About Us



1.Touring Longli rock paintings during Congress period. The tour charge is not included in registration charges.

2.The Congress Tour is only operable when enrolled number reaches 16 people at the day of departure. When the enrolled number is less than 16, the Tour will merge into another tour or be canceled.

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